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IDF Annual Meeting 2019

The International Design Forum (IDF), open to professionals in the global design community, gathers professionals and academics from the fields of architectural planning, interior space, products, multimedia around the world through Annual conference, Roadshow, Annual list, and Symposium to discuss challenging topics in their respective fields, promote professional discussion and exchange of knowledge, carry forward the theory of practice and innovation as well as aim to build the China's most ideological international design exchange platform.

As the most eye-catching content of IDF, the IDF Annual Conference is one of the most attractive core activities of Guangzhou Design Week. The IDF Annual Conference is an one-day event which is divided into the morning session and the afternoon session. Specially invited top designers from different fields in the world to share ideas, case stories and speculation around the annual theme across architecture, space, products, color, lighting, art and humanities.

Time: 2019.12.06

Location: Grand Hall, 3F, Langham Place, Guangzhou

China New Real Estate Design Meeting 2019

China New Real Estate Design Meeting is the only business platform in China that focus on discussion of how design thinking react to new commercial real estate demands, innovation, trends and annual inventory. Leading by its operation concept as exchanging and sharing new driving modes, expanding design driving force within the commercial and tourist real estate industry, it aims to to provide the professional groups, such as investors, developers, designers and consultants with the latest ideas and business opportunities.


Time: 05~08 12. 2019

Location: Poly world trade exhibition center, GZ

International Colour Symposium (ICS)

IDF open to professionals for the global design community, invites professionals and formost academics from the fields of design planning, interior space, products, multimedia, design, and other disciplines to discuss challenging topics, promote professional discussion and exchange of knowledge, carry forward the theory of good practice and innovation.

Time: 2016-12-3

Location: Poly world trade exhibition center, GZ

Kapok Design Awards China

The kapok Design Awards China (hereafter referred to as “the Award”) was set up by Guangzhou Design Week (hereafter referred to as “GZDW”) in 2006. The Award is known by the design industry for its annual summary of outstanding designs. What’s more, it has been introducing forward-thinking design ideas and unique intelligent life-styles to Chinese market.

Time: 05~08. 12. 2019

Location: Poly world trade exhibition center, Langham Hotel,GZ

Chinese Design Elites

China's interior design circle phenomenon super-popular "reality show", after five promotion lectures produce 12 designers for the final showdown, A number of distinguish guest instructors will be composed of the scene of scoring judges, the birth of 2016 Chinese design elites. 

Time: 05~08. 12. 2019

Location: Poly world trade exhibition center, Langham Hotel,GZ

World Youth Designer Forum

World Youth Designer Forum(WYDF) is jointly initiated by Guangzhou Design Week, GloW-DESIGN and SC Collective Design Academy. It is set up to recognize and discover youth designers with creativity, vision, and foresight around the world by a series of forums or seminars. They discuss and debate the world’s frontier problems and thoughts here, like how design intervention promotes human living condition, quality of life, development of design industry. Design is a way to see through and interpret the world from the perspective of new vision. WYDF is a cumulative accelerator & incubator for global youth designers which helps them explore design attribute to the industry and create value.

The operation system of WYDF including satellite Forum、Global Seminar、Annual Selection、Annual Meeting(WYDF Annual Selection Finals). 

WYDF Annual Selection is an important session of WYDF system. It is open to youth interior designer/architects around the world. This year, WYDF2019 Annual Selection kicked off in May to call for entrants from China and abroad till Oct. In preliminary selection, four global finalists will be selected respectively from Europe, Americas, Asia, and China by Oct. And the Finals is scheduled on Dec. 6th during GZDW exhibition. FOUR selected global finalists will be invited to Guangzhou to contend for the champion of World Youth Designer 2019 by giving an 17-minute speech with theme - Design Development, which can be rated as “Pritzker” award in interior design field. 

Time: 05~08. 12. 2019

Location: Poly world trade exhibition center, Langham Hotel,GZ

Hers Design Award 

“Hers Design Awards” is an award that is conferred to outstanding oriental female designers who made creative and great designs in field of interiors, furnishings and fashions etc. It is jointly initiated by GZDW and Sino-foreign renowned media and fashion organizations. It’s a way to manifest the charm of oriental female designers and demonstrate their dedication in the industry. It aims to discover more excellent oriental female designers and introduce them to the world, promoting design and business communication between the east and the west.

HDA Annual Awarding Crremony 2019

Time: 05~08. 12. 2019

Location: Poly world trade exhibition center, Langham Hotel,GZ

40 UNDER 40 China Design Young Leaders 

Endorsed by IFI, the Annual Rankings of “40 UNDER 40 China Design Young Leaders” has been set up and globally promoted by Guangzhou Design Week since 2016. Every year, GZDW will organize activities like “city rankings”, “province rankings”, “country rankings” to announce and award no more than 40 city/province/country youth interior architects(age40) who has made excellent works in interior architecture field. This programme is aim to promote the mainstay of design group in China, manifest the brilliant works in Chinese design field.

Time: 05~08. 12. 2019

Location: Poly world trade exhibition center, Langham Hotel,GZ

Trends Furnishings Asia

Trends Furnishings Asia 2019-2020 invite Asian interior design leaders who are committed to design field like pop-art, decor style, furnishing matching, lighting, housing items and new Chinese furnishing, to bring an annual report of global furnishing industry and projection of Trends furnishings Asia 2019-2020.

Time: 05~08. 12. 2019

Location: Poly world trade exhibition center, Langham Hotel,GZ

  • IAF2020 tour forum in Guangzhou

  • Annual Selection of WYDF2020 is open calling for excellent candidates

  • IAF2020 is open calling for "unbuilt" designs submissions

  • Kick-off Ceremony of Idear Architecture Festival 2020 in Shanghai

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