Design Transformation
The Most Comprehensive Design Tour.

New York – The melting pot of ideas and cultures, the birthing place for many generations of world famous designers and architects. A group of Chinese designers sets foot on one of the most vibrant and unique cities aiming to experience and share design ideas with their western counterpart. Guangzhou design week and Shashi Caan from SC Collective initiates the first tour of DESIGN transformation program.


DESIGNtransformation explores current transformative design trends, especially asinterpreted by designers in the United States of America. Given the social andcultural ‘melting pot’ nature of New York and the USA, these trends are at onceAmerica-centric, as well as global. Through the use of images (in lectureformat) and experience of built projects (tours), DESIGN transformation,reviews, assesses and synthesizes current American design thinking at the basisof cutting edge transformative global design.


Thedelegation visited numerous NYC’s famous landmarks. The freedom towerrepresents the ingenuity of American architecture design and the rise fromashes of American spirit. Now standing as the tallest building in NYC, thefreedom tower is the prime site for designers to understand and learnarchitectural and interior design. 

Highline Park is the representative of how to maximize space in a high density city.Proposed and designed by New York City architect Diller Scofidio + Renfro and New York landscape architect Kona, the park is built on an abandoned rail road,a unique air garden corridor, and has won a huge social and economic benefits for NYC, as a role model for the design and reconstruction community.

The visitation of Mr. Jamie Drake’s office, prove to be a wonderful experience to the delegation. Mr. Drake as the hottest designer in the New York design community, he has work for many famous people, such as the pop queen Madonna, billionaire and former New York mayor Mr. Michael Bloomberg.

DESIGN transformation aims to bring the east and the west closer, the combination of theories and practical provide designers a more in-depth experience. On site explanation from world class designer Ms.Shashi Caan demonstrates an effective teaching method to the delegation. 


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