“40 Under 40 Chinese Young Design Elite” of Fujian held on Aug.19th

  The Kick-off ceremony of Fujian’s “40 Under 40 Chinese Young Design Elite” officially started on Aug.14th in Xiamen. 

  The ceremony began with a speech from the famous Macao designer Siza Cham.



  The discussion on “Design into Life” between five distinguished guests (Siza Cham,Huang Xueyi, He Huawu, Fang Guoxi and Sun Shaochuan) pushed the ceremony to its climax. Designers actively interacted with the guests after five distinguished guests shared precious design concepts with all the audiences.




  QiuQI, the vice-chairman of Xiamen Construction Decoration Association, emphasized the profound meaning of “40 Under 40 ChineseYoung Design Elite” on the Fujian’s design power.


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