Preview of World Youth Designer Forum 2018
After the first round of selection, four finalists respectively from Asia, the Americans, Europe, and China has been selected, and who will be the lucky one selected at Finals? We will release it on WYDF2018 finals in Guangzhou China, on Nov. 27th. Looking forward to meeting you there.

WYDF is a cumulative accelerator & incubator for youth designers from all around the world. They discuss and debate the world’s frontier problems and thoughts here, like how design intervention promotes human living condition, quality of life, development of design industry. Design is a way to see through and interpret the world from the perspective of new vision. WYDF is a platform that helps youth designers explore design attribute and create value. 


The winner of selection will be awarded as World Youth Designer 2018. It is open to youth designers from all over the world, and the award goes to one annual youth designer.





Annual Selection of Youth Designer in 2018

Date: Nov. 27th 2018

Time: 14:00 ~ 17:00 

Venue: Conference Hall in Pavilion 5, PTWC Pazhou Guangzhou China


Four finalists from Europe, Asia, the Americas, and China will contend for the final champion of WYD2018. The great honor will be granted asWorld Youth Designer 2018 which can be rated as the "Pritzker Architecture Prize" in Global interior architecture field.




Rethinking the craft of Design and the design of Craft

Design is the craft of the 21st century – or is it? In the past, design and craft were integrally related. Today we are challenged with maintaining the making and skill of craft in its original context as an expression of culture and identity. With the emergence of design as a standalone professional practice, the relationship with craft has been severed, yet designers increasingly seek to design craft, while the traditional craftsperson crafts design.

Technology has led to the abstraction of design, changing the process of making from hand to machine. With this has come an anonymity and multiplication. Therefore, the return to craft, in contrast, is searching for unique expression. Across the world, modern culture seeks to fight this anonymity, presenting the challenge to bring back the sense of rarity and individuality.

Seeking intellectual and creative clarity, our 2018 theme - DESIGN & CRAFT: Rethinking the craft of Design and the design of Craft - explores both the co-dependence of design and craft, as well as the distinct professional practices associated with each.


What opinions will these four finalists bring to us based on the theme? We can't wait to listen!  



Next, let me show you who will be these four lucky finalists! 

Listing by the name's first letter


No. 1 Global Finalist - Chia Hao Tsai 


B+P Architects , Host


No. 2 Global Finalist - Jason Hilgefort

(U.S. the Americans) 

Founder of Land+Civilization Compositions 

urbanist | architect | educator 



No. 3 Global Finalist - Pravir Sethi  

(India, Asia) 

 Founder of Studio HINGE 

Principle architects



No. 4 Global Finalist - Tereza Rosalie Kladošová

(Czech, Europe) 

Co-Founder of Stepankova&Kladosova



Regarding the Jury group, it consist of 7 renowned design masters come from all over the world who has rich experience and insights in global interior architecture field. They are requested to listen and make comments to finalists performance, and finally, they will cast a vote to select the champion of WYDF2018. 


And below follow by the introduction of this Jury group.

(Listing by the name's first letter



Jury Member - Allyn Dorey (U.K.)

Director, Global Design - M Moser Ltd 


- - -

Johan Adam Linneballe


Chairman, Society of Friends of Designmuseum Denmark

Chief Advisor, Guangzhou Design Week

CEO, Scandinavian Branding A/S; 


- - -


Olivier Vignes

Chief Architect of Archiland

Registered Architect of the French Board of Architects DPLG

Master of ArchitectureENSAT-Toulouse,France

Visiting Professor of Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry

- - -

Rui Leao (Portugal)

Partner and Executive Director - L.B.A. ARQUITECTURA  E  PLANEAMENTO LTD.

President  Docomomo Macau



- - -

Sarah Khoo (Singapore)

Creative Planning and strategic Dept, Project Manager - 




- - -


SIZA CHAM  (China)

Founder of Think Creative Design International Architecture Firm

Registered Architect in the Macao Special Administrative Region


- - - 

Shashi caan

Initiator Member of WYDF

Former President of IFI 


- - -

The Champion of WYDF2017 - Kyle Chan, will be act as the observer of jury at the finals.


- - -


Host at finals: Wesley Liu

Creactive and Executive Director - PPlus PDesigners LTD




Rules and Regulation of Finals

1. A 17-minute speech and an 8-minute reply upon the topic“Design Craft”;

2. Unique insights for architecture and interior design, and the completion situation of the project shall be included in the speech;

3. English shall be used for the speech and reply in the finals.

The performance should convince the jury by demonstrating excellence in the following aspects:

~ Leading design that meets the theme of the finals

~ Unique, creative ideas and excellent design expression

~ Characteristic of localization design

~ Experimental design exploration in concept level or practical level

~ Social value and meaning, ethicality



The World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF) is a global and quarterly accelerator experience. It convenes international emerging design talent to discuss, debate, and explore vital, cutting-edge issues and ideas affecting the built environment, industry, life-quality and the world at large. Through masterclasses, forums and design tours, the WYDF brings together designers and design leaders with potential to transform and impact society and culture. Simultaneously, the WYDF intends to build a deeper understanding of what drives contemporary design and its real-world challenges and possibilities.

With this world-level exposure, designers share a collegiality and kindredness that ideally fosters a distinctiveness rooted in oneself and personal heritage, while responsibly evolving the wider world. This is done while at ‘play’ and as a visitor in a different place and from outside their familiar environment (either local or international), providing new insights and inspiration.

Design, by its nature, must approach the world with new insights and interpretations. The World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF) is conceived to help to do this. WYDF seeks to flip perspective and review these issues from an alternative standpoint(s). Participants are asked to remain open-minded and to cultivate willingness for tapping into a new way of viewing their ideologies and those of the world at large. Participants are also asked to review their work through this frame of reference and to then begin to consider developing presentable ideas reflective of their individual/local and national perspective

This year, who will be luckily selected as the Champion on Nov. 27th at WYDF2018 Finals? We will let you know!.

Looking forward to meeting you in GZDW2018

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