2019 GZDW Grand Ceremony in Milan - Speech Review

We come from China, we embrace the world.

GZDW embraces the world and prospects to build a bridge for sino-foreign design business, for bringing great foreign Design & Brand to China; also promoting  Design & Brand to the world. 


2019 Guangzhou Design Week has launched a global promotion plan for Chinese design and brand. The first international Ceremony of this year has held at Museo Nazionale Della Scienza E Della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci, Milan on April 11th afternoon (GMT+1). As the organizer, Leo He, Partner of CITIEXPO & Events Director of  Guangzhou Design Week, had an opening speech of overall strategic plan for Guangzhou Design Week. Over 320 guests who come from Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world gathered to discuss the integration of China brands and world design trends, and jointly opened a new chapter of letting the world re-recognize and define China brands and Chinese designs.


Thanks to all the Italian and Chinese designers, 

brand partners and media friends present, 

I am honored to be with your guys in Milan. 

It is the 500th anniversary of 

Leonardo Da Vinci’death in this year. 

Why we chose to held the event in 

Museo Nazionale Della Scienza E Della 

Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci 

is that we pay tribute to the great genius.

And start a new chapter of design exchange 

and cooperation in Italy and all over the world.

Guangzhou Design Week (GZDW), 

which comes from China and was born in 2006. 

It's a business interactive platform 

of China design industry, 

which serving for interior design 

and related industries. 

Leo He, Partner of CITIEXPO & Events Director of Guangzhou Design Week

Over 9 million practitioners 

who related to interior design in China, 

including architectural,interior,

home product design and so on. 

In the past 13 yeas, 

over 50% of them have interacted with GZDW. 

You can tell from the below picture. 

Of course, what you see 

on the page as only the tip of an iceberg. 

GZDW has set up more than 100 cities 

partners around China. 

They carry out daily interactions and service 

with local designers in their own city.

GZDW focuses on designer's demand, 

such as design promotion, honor inventory, 

learning improvement, expanding horizons, 

industry linking, etc in 13 years. 

Gradually form a design industry revolution 


in Guangzhou Design Week. 

GZDW has organized many projects 

with different themes for designers to participate in. 

Guangzhou Design Week, 

a place the designers can call HOME friendly. 

It's a gathering day when Guangzhou Design Week 

holds the annual exhibition. 

Of course!  

On December 5th-8th ,2019, 

welcome back home and gather again.

New projects will be added every year 

and no exception in this year. 


for photographic exhibition.

Hers Design Award for female designer 

and more new projects.

GZDW embraces the world and prospects to 

build a bridge for sino-foreign design business, 

for bringing great foreign 

Design & Brand to China, 

also promoting China Design 

& Brand to the world.

There is a professional team 

which including international affairs consultant 

Mr.Kelvin Goh who has been in the field of 

cutting-edge product design in 

Europe and America for many years, 

and Mr.Bruce Wang who is experienced with 

sino-foreign design and trade, 

and Mr.James Peng, Ms. Jeannie Huang, 

Ms. Cassy Liu and Ms. Jein Chen to that work.  do  

At the same time, Guangzhou Design Week 

International  Alliance 

has been established globally.  

Currently, there are partners in dozens of 

regions and cities around the world.

I am very happy that they have done so. 

They believe that Chinese design and China brand 

need to be re-recognized and 

defined by the world.

Eight centuries ago, 

Marco Polo has discovered China 

and introduced it to the world. 

Today, they strive to 

bring China brands to the world. 

As a result,

a program was launched for 

Chinese home furnishing industry, 

which is called Best of Brand 

by the Singaporeans. 

After review by board member, 

only the brand with a comprehensive 

excellence will be selected. 

The evaluation criteria includes 

relevance and responsibility, 

a label of quality, international visibility, 

originality of design and other indicators.

And the CIVRO & the Iwoodstory 

are the Best of Brands in the world. 

They are committed to being 

the best in the world. 

The ultimate pursuit of design innovation 

and process quality are more commendable 

than other brands in the world.

Over 100 Eurasia designers and media representatives have praised the Best of Brands 

Board Member MR. Gerrit Schilder has awarded Best of Brands to CIVERO CEO MR. Tan Yonghan

Best of Brands-CIVRO

Board Member MR. Carlo Beltramelli has awarded Best of Brands to Iwoodstory  CEO MR. Lian Feng

Best of Brands-Iwoodstory 

Looking forward to the rise of China brands! 

I have expectations of your attendance 

in Guangzhou Design Week! 

Thank you all..

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