2019 - 40 Under 40 National Kick-off Ceremony in Foshan
"40 Under 40 2019" National Kick off Ceremony was held in Foshan China on 17th-April.

GZDW2019 40 UNDER 40 national wide Kick off ceremony is scheduled on April 17th 2019 in Foshan. It is the most professional and grandest business meeting which will gather the main force of Chinese youth designers, foremost design leaders and famous brands with topic discussion of new design renascence and rebuild in China.

On site, more than 500 hundred Chinese designers and brands representatives flied from all around China to gather here to witness the exciting moments.

Speech based on people oriented, Mr. He Wenguang (Executive Director of GZDW) and Mr. Lin Wei (President of EAGLE 2086 CEREMICS) has presented a new plan for growth of Chinese youth design leaders to explore the integration of Chinese design main forces with brands, and realize real spirits of craft.

Then Mr. Chen Xianwei(Vice-president of EAGLE 2086 CEREMICS), and Mr. Yang Hanjing(Founder of goodone) presented their opinion for transition ofmake in China to Create in Chinafrom design perspective.

And following 5 Chinese designers on the List of "40UNDER40 2018" has share their own unique design and projects.


The whole ceeremony has achieved a great succcess and people all stand up to cheer for the end.

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