Kick off ceremony - World Youth Designer Forum 2019

In 2019 June 27th, WYDF2019 Global Kick Off Ceremony was held in Wang Xizhi Formal Residence(Wang Xizhi is a famous Chinese Calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty).

The Ceremony consists of the residence gathering in the morning and forum in the afternoon.

And 600 Chinese designers from different cities came to attend the 




In the morning, 42 designer representatives from China gathering in Orchid Pavilion to visit Wang Xizhi formal residence. Guided by the theme “Pay tribute to the great Calligrapher Wang Xizhi”, they felt and experienced the spirit and knowledge of the departed scholars by many forms as as poem recitation, story telling, and calligraphy and listening.

In session of story telling, Executive Director Mr. He Wenguang, Sales General Manager of Eagle 2086 Ceramics Mr. Chen Fanggen, Chinese designer representatives Mr. Qian Zhike and Mr. Wang Xiaoye had shared favorite books thay had read. 

In Session of Calligraphy, 42 youth designers representatives took Chinese writing brush and made their handwriting. The scene feels like they had went back to the past days when Wang Xishi was writing here and felt the spirits of calligraphy. 


In the Afternoon, all guests and 600 designers from China had gathered in Blue Horizon International Hotel to witness the kick off ceremony of WYDF2019.

Executive Director of GZDW Mr. He Wenguang had introduced GZDW to over 600 youth designers on site and also encourage them to read more by presenting the books recommended by 42 youth designer representatives. 

Next, as WYDF2019 kick off ceremony was held in Linqi Shandong province, Mr. He Announce that the first city executive committee of WYDF was established. And he hope this would become an communication platform for local designers. 

As the strategic partner of WYDF, the Sales General Manager of Eagle 2086 Ceramics had share the aesthetics of Ceramics, how to integrate and develop ceramics into designs. 

Finally the designer masters are sharing their unique ideas and concept on design related elements that concern to ceramics.

It is a great and excellent ceremony full new ideas. Not only youth designers but also the guests had got a new vision and inspiration from the visit and forums. It was just a starting point , and next station, we will go to Montreal Canada. What excellence will happen there?


We will see you there~

WYDF Global Partner:

Association of Professional Interior Designers、Council for International Accreditation of Architecture & Design、Karan Grover & Associates、Irene Pansadoro Design、Chabros International Group、Art Canton、EarthenHive Architects、Raptor Global Corporation Ltd、Izmir Ekonomi University、Constann Design、Beltramelli Interior Detailor、Creative Capital、Serenity Made Co.,Ltd、NCS Color Academy、SC Collective Education、SchilderScholte architects、Insight School of Interior Design、Scandinavian Branding Academy、Tokyo Design Week、vectorfield architects

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