Annual Selection of World Youth Designer 2019 is Calling for Entries Globally

The Organizing Committee of World Youth Designer Forum 2019 invites youth designers around the world to enter the Annual Selection of WYD2019. 


About WYDF:

World Youth Designer Forum is jointly initiated by Guangzhou Design Week, GloW-DESIGN and SC Collective Design Academy. It is an “incubator” for youth designers around the world. They discuss and debate the world’s frontier issues and thoughts here, studying design intervention on promotion of human living condition, quality of life, and upgrading of design industry.


Design is a way to see through and interpret the world from the perspective of new vision. It Inspiring emerging designers for deeper, creative and interpretive design thinking, designers are made aware of the greater potential and impact of their work and actions. It is a platform that helps youth designers explore design attribute and create value.

The structure of WYDF including Satellite Forum、Global Seminar、Annual Selection、Annual Meeting(WYDF Annual Selection Finals). 

About Annual Selection of WYD2019:

The World Youth Designer is an annual designation for the recognition of the talent demonstrated through built projects for those that apply to complete.

WYDF Annual Selection is set up to select the best annual World Youth Designer around the world. It is open to youth interior designer/architects around the world. This year, the Annual Selection(finals) of WYD2019 kicked off in May to call for entrants from China and abroad till Oct. In preliminary selection, four global finalists will be selected respectively from Europe, Americas, Asia, and China by the end of Oct. And the finals is scheduled on Dec. 6th during GZDW exhibition - a high-profile design event in China. FOUR selected global finalists will be invited to Guangzhou to compete for the champion of World Youth Designer 2019 by giving an 17-minute speech with theme - Design Development, which can be rated as“Pritzker”award in interior design field.

The WDF Global Designer Recognition Competition is tailored to review and recognize unique talent as understood and with appeal to the next generation of design talent. 

Why to join Annual Selection of WYD2019:

A crucial and unmissable platform:

to learn about Chinese Design Industry

to get extensive promotion and recognization throughout China

to get business partners in China


Guangzhou Design Week, GloW-DESIGN, The SC Collective Design Academy.

Eligibal Paticipants:

Interior designers and interior architects(Age 40 or under 40) all around the world. 

The Jury:

The Jury consists of global renowned renown design luminaries, who are responsible to review the performance of global finalists and select the champion of WYD2019 at WYDF finals on site. 

Selection Ways & Process:

WYDF organizing committee call for entrants in China by having satellite forums in different cities ; call for entrants abroad by local nomination organizations and global seminars.

1. May: Publication of rules 

WYDF Committee publicize WYDF2019 selection announcement and rules.  

2. June ~ October 15th : Application and Registration

(1). Each participant submit the application form to WYDF Organization Committee with no less than 3 entries which are completely assembled and fully functional from Jan. 2017 to May. 2019.

(2). Materials shall be provided in real photos, including one or two floor plans, ten realistic pictures of interior space, project description in both Chinese and English. The pixel of realistic pictures shall be no lower than 3000000 dpi.

The entries should convince the jury by demonstrating excellence in the following aspects:

~ Overall concept

~ Design quality, aesthetics

~ Context quality, social compatibility

~ Materials and details

~ Ergonomics, functionality, user-friendliness

~ Sustainability, durability

(3). Oct. 15th ~ Nov. 10th : Preliminary Selection

From Oct. 15th ~ Nov. 10th, WYDF Jury Committee will review all entrants materials. Four youth designers will be selected as global finalists respectively from Europe, Asia, Americas and China, to complete for the champion of world youth designer 2019 in Guangzhou Design Week in December.

(4). December 6th : The finals

Four selected global finalists from Europe, Asia, America and China will be invited to Guangzhou to attend WYDF2019 annual selection finals by giving speech.


Arrangement of the finals:

1. Theme of the finals: Design & Development 

An interior is never finished. Interior designers are continuously engaged in creatively adapting spaces to changing users, new demands or contemporary insights. More than a product an interior is a narrative, a storyline that supports users in meaningfully using and enjoying architecture’s inside-out. Subsequently, designing interiors itself is an ongoing process that reflects to cultural, social and economic developments. Not product focused but user centered.

Rather than setting or following the newest style or fashion, designers are constantly in search for relevance, coherence and added value. The conference will actively engage in designers’ research for change, research what works and what doesn’t, and why.

2. Mode of competition : Presentation

The finalists speeches are required to cultivate mindfulness for tapping into a new way of viewing their ideologies and those of the world at large.

1).  A 17-minute speech and an 8-minute reply upon the topic “Design Development”;

2).  Unique insights for architecture and interior design, and the completion situation of the project shall be included in the speech;

3).  English shall be used for the speech and reply in the finals.

3. Judging Criteria: 

The performance should convince the jury by demonstrating excellence in the following aspects:

~ Leading design that meets the theme of the finals

~ Unique, creative ideas and excellent design expression

~ Characteristic of localization design

~ Experimental design exploration in concept level or practical level

Social value and meaning, ethicality

There is no priority in the above list for the Jury. The jury shall adjust the sequence according to their personal willingness, and judge all the design works within set time.

4. Agenda of the Finals(Tentative)

Time: 14:00-17:00, December 6th , 2019

Language: English, with simultaneous interpretation

14:00-14:30   Opening speech by WYDF Organizer

14:30-14:55   17-min speech and 8-min reply by competitor A

14:55-15:20   17-min speech and 8-min reply by competitor B

15:20-15:45   17-min speech and 8-min reply by competitor C

15:45-16:10   17-min speech and 8-min reply by competitor D

16:10-16:25   The Jury announces the winner and grants the WYD2019

16:25-16:45   Executive Director of GZDW announces the nominee of WYDF2019 of Great China and grants an award

17:00        End of the event

Effectiveness and interpretation:

The organizer reserves the right of interpretation and amendment of the rules. The rules shall be effective since June 1st, 2019.

Registration & Consultation:

Contact: Ms. Lucy Rong 

Email: pm@citiexpo.com  


I want to join the Annual Selection of World Youth Designer 2019!

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