Preview of Guangzhou Design Week 2019

Guangzhou Design Week 2019 is Scheduled on Dec. 5 ~ 8 , It serves as an muti-functional platform to integrates design and innovation into business opportunities. It covers exhibition and various relevant activities like arts, awards, talks, shows, tours, academies and social medias etc which make it the largest design networking event in China.


GUANGZHOU DESIGN WEEK is the first annual international design+brands expo in China since 2006, jointly endorsed and promoted by IFI and ICOGRADA since 2007. With more than 13 years development, it has become the most influential and largest annual commercial activity in the Chinese design industry.


To Promote Design by Business as mission, Guangzhou Design Week is running the operation mode of 365+4(days), which means 4-day fair and 365-day intensive B2B business events. More than 100 events and awards will be held in Guangzhou Design Week every year, and more than 300,000 professionals which from hospitality, entertainment, leisure, real estate development, commercial brand and design industry attending each year on average.

Guangzhou Design Week Layout


Exhibition Theme: Fresh

Exhibition scope: House + commercial space + new business model + design + arts

Venue: Poly World Trade Center & Nanfung International Exhibition and Convention Center, Guangzhou, China


Visitors Estimation: 300,000,

Owners, proprietors, Real estate, designers, engineering, brands, distributors and medias outlets who demands for design and materials,


Exhibitors: Over 1000,

Furniture,furnishing, decoration, materials, smart home, AI, design companies etc.


Exhibition functions: Meet all your demand for design knowledge, artworks appreciation, materials, home decoration, design trends, business opportunities, and networking etc.


Exhibition Area: 120000. (6 blocks including 9 Halls)




Highlights in 4 days

Materials + Furniture+Furnishing & Design + art + New business model

4 days fair, 6 exhibition blocks, 10 theme exhibitions, 120+ activities,

300+ guests from China and abroad, 1000+ exhibitors,

1000+ media outlets, 120000+exhibiting area,

10000+ Exhibits and arts from near 20 countries.

Dozens of talking points and trends in design industry.

The largest design networking event in China.



Content :


Various Exhibition: Over 1000 exhibitors which involved of design, arts, creations, materials, house, commercial spaces, smart home, and customized design solutions will exhibit in different ways to demonstrate the concept and trends of “New lifestyle, New Species, New business “




Talks and awards: Over 120 activities which invited 300 experts and hotshots from China and abroad will be held in 4 days, sharing the new trends and direction in field of new business model, culture, real estate, design, arts, fashions, AI, aesthetics of everyday life.


 Theme shows: 10 theme exhibitions






2019 Guangzhou Design Week · Global Home Arts Festival


Greater Bay Session

Asia Pacific Interior Design awards 2019


Dec. 5 - 8 2019

Guangzhou Design Week 2019.

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