Annual Selection of WYDF2020 is open calling for excellent candidates

"Annual Selection of World Youth Designer 2020" is now open calling for candidates around the world. The organizer sincerely invite global excellent young designers to enter for the selection with requested submissions. By Oct., the jury panel will select four excellent youth designers respectively from China, Asia, the Americas, Europe to be as the global finalists to join the final competition in Guangzhou. 



1. About World Youth Designer Forum




Design is a way to have an insight into the world and interpret it with new vision. Young designers are the main forces of future design community. We expect them to speak up for this design epoch, delivering the values of contemporary young designers.

In this context, Glow-Design, The Collective, and Guangzhou Design Week jointly initiate and carried out the activity "World Youth Designers Forum" around the world - gathering global young designers to explore, discuss and debate the pioneering issues and thoughts about design driving development of living environment and quality, and even industry iteration, jointly promoting the future development of global design culture. 

The content of WYDF including 4 parts: Satellite Forum, Global Seminar, Annual Selection, Annual Metting.


2. Philosophy

价值观 | 青年设计师是驱动产业升级,创造人类幸福的中坚力量

  | 共享 融合 成长

  | 新锐青年设计师成长的加速器和孵化营

使   | 助力青年设计师以新锐视觉洞察并诠释世界

Values: Youth designers are the main forces of driving industry upgrade and creating human happiness.

Spirit: Sharing, integration, development.

Vision: A cumulative accelerator & incubator experience + development.

Mission: Helping youth designers see through and interpret the world from aggressive vision.


3. Organizations




战略合作媒体:太平洋家居、建E室内设计网、凤凰家居、BELONG、建道筑格 ARCHIDOGS、青舍QINGHOUSEHi 设计

全球联盟机构:Space MatricSkidmore, Owings and MerrillM Moser AssociatesGenslerVIRTUARCH

Initiators: Guangzhou Design Week, GloW-DESIGN, The Collective

Strategic Partner: Eagle 2086 Ceramics

Academic Support Institution: Macau University of Science and Technology

Strategic Medias: PC House,  justeasy.cn,  home.iFeng.com, BELONG, ArchiDogs, ArchiDogs, QINGHOUSE, Hi Design.

Global supported partners: Space Matric, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, M Moser Associates, Gensler, VIRTUARCH.


4. Execution System

  • WYDF大中华区组委会: WYDF大中华区组委会将围绕WYDF主体内容系列活动展开推进工作,并遵循WYDF年度评选的评审标准自主开展在大中华区境内的参评组织和评审工作。
  • WYDF大中华区执行主席: WYDF大中华区执行主席由WYDF大中华区组委会推举,领导并主持WYDF相关会议。
  • WYDF大中华区执行秘书长: WYDF大中华区执行秘书长作为日常工作的组织者,协助执行主席处理日常事务,在组委会的领导下,负责处理论坛的事务性工作。
  • WYDF大中华区执行委员会: WYDF大中华区(城市)执行委员会(下述简称执委会)是由 WYDF 大中华区组委会授权,行使执委会的权力,并处理执委会日常事务的机构,同时负责“WYDF2020 年度世界青年设计师中国选拔赛-当地城市分赛区的选拔报名。设立全国各地执委会,与当地设计师群体产生链接,有助于 WYDF 在各地深入被设计师群体认识,推动地方性设计师自组织团体,构建各地青年设计师交流学习平台。
  • WYDF Organizing Committee - China Region: WYDF China Committee takes charge of planning and carrying out series activities in China like satellite forums, and organizing Chinese young designers to participate in the annual selection of WYDF as well as arranging the review works.
  • WYDF Executive Chairman - China Region: WYDF China president is nominated by China organizing committee, and will be in charge of relevant meetings.
  • WYDF Executive Secretary - China Region: WYDF China executive secretary is mainly to assist the president with organization and execution of routine works of series activities.
  • WYDF Executive Committee - China Region: WYDF China Executive Committee(call CEC) is authorized by WYDF China Organizing Committee to exercise its rights, dealing with the routine works. Meanwhile, it responsible to organize local young designers to submit for the annual selection of the year(China Region). Setting up CEC in different cities of China helps to easily make connection with local designers, enhancing the promotion, and building a study platform for local young designers.


5. Award Introduction




As the only award of World Youth Designer Forum (WYDF) - Annual World Youth Designer, is organized to call for excellent young designers from China, Europe, the Americas and Asia to enter for the competition. Every year, the global final competition will be held in the host country. The honor of Annual World Youth Designer will only be conferred to one outstanding young designer, which is highly recognized in China industry and even around the world.

The organization of competition “Annual World Youth Designer” is proceeded by WYDF global nomination committees who should abide by the rules of selection standard while doing the preliminary selection. Or they can nominate the excellent candidates directly to enter the final competition. In Oct. of the year, WYDF jury panel will review and evaluate all candidates’ entries, and select 4 excellent candidates from 4 regionscountry or continentas the global finalists who will be invited to the host country to complete for the honor of“Annual World Youth Designer”.

In 2020, China was finalized to be the host country to hold the final competition of “Annual World Youth Designer 2020”. Four Global Finalists will be invited to Guangzhou Design Week fair in December to attend the global final competition by giving a presentation on site, which will be facing to 400,000 design professionals among China design industry. 


6. Awards Settings

♦ WYDF年度世界青年设计师 = 1位
♦ WYDF年度评选全球候选人(欧洲、美洲、亚洲、大中华区) = 4位

♦ WYDF(Year) Annual World Youth Designer = 1 person

♦ WYDF(Year) Global Finalists (Europe, the Americas, Asia, China) = 4 people.



7. Eligible Entrants:


Interior architects/designers who are 40 or under 40 years old around the world.



8. Jury Panel

评审委员会由享誉全球建筑、室内设计的专家代表组成,这支独立的专家评审团将会在总决赛现场评选WYDF 2020年度世界青年设计师的总冠军获得者。

The Jury consists of global renowned design and architecture luminaries, who will be invited to review the performance of the global finalists on site, and select the best one as the “Annual World Youth Designer” for the year. 


9. Judging Criteria:





1. 参评者须在20201020日前向WYDF发起与主办机构提交参评报名申请,每人须提交不超过3个完工项目,所有参评室内项目须为20191月至202010月期间完工的项目;

2. 提交参评资料时以项目实景照片形式提交,含1-2张平面图、10张室内空间实景图、项目设计说明(英文,其中东道主中国须中英文);项目实景图片像素不低于300dpi


♣ 完整的设计概念;
♣ 具有品质的设计审美;
♣ 构建有社会兼容性的环境空间;
♣ 可持续的空间细节与材料选择;
♣ 人体工程学、功能性、人性化设计;

(1) Preliminary Selection:

The preliminary selection phase of“WYDF2020 Annual World Youth Designer” is organized and proceeded by WYDF global nomination committees on local cities to select or nominate the excellent young designers to enter for the final global competition whilst abiding by the rules of selection standard.

From Oct. 20th ~ Nov. 15th of the year, WYDF jury panel will review and evaluate all candidates entries, then select 4 excellent candidates from 4 regionscountry or continentas the global finalists who will be invited to Guangzhou Design Week fair to complete for the honor of “Annual World Youth Designer”.

In preliminary selection phase, the submitted entries requirements are as following:

1. Entrants should submit the application form to WYDF Organization Committee with no less than 3 entries which are completely assembled and fully functional from Jan. 2018 to Oct. 2020.

2. Each entry should including 1~2 floor plans, 10 realistic images of interior space, a paragraph of project description in English. The pixel of realistic images shall be no lower than 3000000 dpi.

3. All the submitted materials should be packed with the application form together and send to organizer by: intl@gzdesignweek.com (Materials could be uploaded to WeTransfer and send the link if it is over 15MB)

In preliminary selection phase, the entries’ performance should convince the jury by demonstrating excellence in the following aspects:

♣ Overall concept
♣ Design quality, aesthetics
♣ Context quality, social compatibility
♣ Materials and details
♣ Ergonomics, functionality, user-friendliness
♣ Sustainability, durability.





1. 总决赛围绕XXXX”这一主题,展开17分钟现场演讲及8分钟评审答辩;

2. 演讲内容需结合候选人设计师在建筑与室内设计领域的独特见解,以及实际完工项目;

3. 总决赛须以英文进行现场演讲与答辩;


♣ 与总决赛命题一致、且具领先性的设计作品;
♣ 有独到的设计见解及优异的设计表达;
♣ 因地制宜,呈现与众不同的在地化创作特色;
♣ 在理念或实践层面卓有成效地开展实验性设计研究;
♣ 社会价值与意义,具伦理性设计的空间解决方案;


(2) Final Competition:

Only the 4 global finalists will be invited to join the final competition. The presentation and performance of every finalists will be judged on site by jury panel.

THEME of Final Competition: XXX(It is pending)

Forms of competition:

1. A 17-minute speech and an 8-minute reply upon the topic“XXX”;

2. Unique insights for architecture and interior design, and the completion situation of the project shall be included in the speech;

3. English shall be used for the speech and reply in the finals.

In final competition phase, the candidates’ performance should convince the jury by demonstrating excellence in the following aspects:

♣ Leading design that meets the theme of the finals
♣ Unique, creative ideas and excellent design expression
♣ Characteristic of localization design
♣ Experimental design exploration in concept level or practical level
♣ Social value and meaning, ethicality

There is no priority in the above lists of criteria for the Jury. The jury shall adjust the sequence according to their personal willingness, and judge all the design works within set time. The judges of the whole jury panel will be counted as the final decision.    


10. Effectiveness and Interpretation


The organizer reserves the right of interpretation and amendment of the rules. The rules shall be effective since August 1st, 2020.



11. Consult and Contact




电话:TEL:+86 20 8908 0318 | M+86 15875934312

Guangzhou Design Week Office

Ms. Lucy Rong

Email: pm@citiexpo.com

Tel: +86 20 8908 0318 | M+86 15875934312 (Same as Wechat Account)

Address: Rm902, Block G, PWTC, No.996, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, P.R China 510335 TEL:+86 20 8908 0318 | FAX: +86 20 8908 0322 | Email: pm@citiexpo.com | Web: www.gzdesignweek.com 

Download the "APPLICATION FORM" of WYDF2020 Annual Selection to enter for the final competition to get your speech chances in China market!


 Welcome to join the Annual Selection of World Youth Designer Forum 2020

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