IAF2020 tour forum in Guangzhou
The first tour forum of IAF2020 was held by Guangzhou Design Week in Guangzhou in July 18th at Huanghe Ting, 3rd Floor PTWC G+Coffee(Near PTWC). More than 300 architecture professionals have attend it on site and till12:00 on July 19, the view counts on live-stream had reached to 150,000.

This tour forum have attracted professionals from architecture, design, investment, culture&tourism medias and other related field for attendance. The whole forum lasted for 3 hour, all seats are occupied till the end of the forum. And some studious audience were sitting on the stairs of the aisle, and some were sitting in front of the guests table that against the stage. This activity was so hot and popular that is totally out of the blue.

All distinguished guests bring excellent speeches with real stuff for audience on site that nobody left earlier. 

Chater 01. 

Initiation of IAF

Mr. He Wenguang, the  CEO of Guangzhou Design Week, has give a speech about his intention to initiate "Ideal Architecture Festival” which is focusing on unbuilt architectual works. His was inspired by an article about the famous English architects Zaha Hadid who has no built architecture works before 43 years old but did a great success job after and become famous. Her experience indicates that unbuilt works does not mean unpractical, instead it might be full of pioneering ideas and marvelous design philosophies.

Chapter 2

Thanks to the sponsorship - Civro

President of Civro has give a speech about wishing to support more architects to realize their dreams - transfer the excellent unbuilt works into the completed one.

Chapter 3:

Thanks for the Keynote speakers.

The forum has invited 2 important keynote speakers to bring the excellent lectures towards architecture. They share their insights and ideas to the definition of "unbuilt". 

Mr. He Jianxiang (Co-founder of O-office Architects, Visiting master supervisor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,

Academic Committee Member of Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture) has expressed that thinking on architecture is like making the wine, as time goes, it become more mellow.

Mr. Sheng Yuhong(President of SPDG, Member of the board of Architectural Society of China, President of Yangcheng Design Alliance) has shared that, completed and unbuilt is not totally non-related, we should more focus on the thinkings while we design. things unbuilt today might be given chances to be built better in the future. There is nothing to be regret.

Chapter 4

Thanks to Dream Helper guests

This forum also has invited 2 Dream-Helper guests to share how their unbuilt cases were transfering into the completed one.

Mr. Siza Cham, (Founder of Think Creative Design International Architecture Firm), his C-Box Design works was built as the completed one under help of IAF project. 

Mr. Huang Yongcai (Co-founder and creative director of RAM design office) has share two of his unbuilt cases that was completed in the end under help of IAF project.

The first one is "The Linow Hotel Xi'an", and second one is "RMA office". 

Chapter 5

Thanks to all the supported partners of IAF

Chapter 6

Thanks for the support of Guanghzou Design Week International Alliances. 

Looking forward to your participation in the next forum of IAF2020 in August 13!

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