Founded by the municipal government of Guangzhou in 2006, the annual Guangzhou Design Week (GZDW) is the first domestic event in China and with 10 years of growth has become the largest.


Endorsed and promoted by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI), the (full name) ICSID and (full name) ICOGRADA since 2007, the GZDW serves as a multi-functional platforms - to integrate design and innovation into business opportunities.


With its unique way of promotion, branding, and marketing services, the GZDW provides strategies and platforms such as "365+3", "Design + Brands".“Incubator for International Brands in China” and “Designer Driven Marketing Solutions”,thus created an outstanding, effective and irreplaceable business chain for industry professionals within China.


China, being the world's second biggest economy,transformed from traditional manufacturing in the 80’s into more diversified industries including design, creative, technology & development.  The GZDW played an important role in the design & creative industry in the last decade, has gone through a long and winding road to awakening public's awareness on Designers& Brands Identities and their values to business.   It inspires and proves that "Design is Value" and "Win by Design" in the market, and successfully built a platform for Chinese Designers to voice out and face the world.


This design and business event not only benefits the designers but also developers,manufacturers, contractors, brand owners, distributors at home and abroad.


GZDW, aiming to CHANGE the design phenomenon in China by actively promoting its platforms across the border, strive to become a comprehensive, influential and cross-field event in the world.

Guangzhou Design Week contains three major components “Design + Brands”, “Keys & Ways”, “DWoT”.They create a comprehensive marketing and solution platform for the Chinese design industry.


“Design + Brands”emphasizes “connecting” designers and brands. It is the perfect environment forcompanies or individuals who want to get in and expand their influence in theChinese design industry.


“Keys & Ways” acts as the incubation platform for design products. It is the bridge between domestic and foreign design ideas; world renowned designers share their views of Chinese and global design trends.


“Academy” is aglobal design knowledge sharing and ideas melting program to usher and encouragethe Chinese designers to experience the unique design style and ethics of each country around every corner of the world. Themission of this program is to hope to advance the growth of design industry andcommunity.

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