Annual Selection of World Youth Designer 2018

Annual Selection of World Youth Designer Forum: 

 excellent youth interior architects/designers will be Selected from Europe, The America, Asia, and China as the global finalists to contend for the champion of WYDF 2018 at selection meeting on Nov. 27th 2018 in Guangzhou. It is open to global youth designers, and the award goes to their success and achievement.


  • About WYDF: 

WYDF is a cumulative accelerator & incubator for youth designers from all around the world. They discuss and debate the world’s frontier problems and thoughts here, like how design intervention promotes human living condition, quality of life, development of design industry. Design is a way to see through and interpret the world from the perspective of new vision. WYDF is a platform that helps youth designers explore design attribute and create value. 

  • Time : On Nov. 27th 2018
  • Location: Guangzhou China
  • Eligible participants : Global Interior architects/designers (age 40 or under 40)
  • Co-organizer: Guangzhou Design Week, GloW-DESIGN, iColor, The SC Collective Design Academy.
  • Selection Processing:         

Any youth interior architects/designers who are interested in joining this selection events are requested to submit below materials for registration before 2018/10/5( In PDF format) :

Personal CV + 1~3 personal projects (completed after 2017, with project name, time, and description in English, each project should attach 5 photos, including floor plans, interior space display) + design studio introduction (if it’s available) 

Participants should convince the jury by demonstrating excellence in the following aspects:

1. Overall concept

2. Design quality, aesthetics

3. Context quality, social compatibility

4. Materials and details

5. Ergonomics, functionality, user-friendliness

6. Sustainability, durability


From Oct.15th - to Oct. 30th : WYDF committee will review all participants materials and select 4 excellent contenders from Europe, the America, Asia and China for the finals and the result will be announced by the end of Oct.

 finalists from Europe, Asia, America and China will be invited as keynote speakers to attend the global final competition in Guangzhou. After contenders’ English speeches and the Jury’s judgment, only one champion will be selected as Annual World Youth Designer 2018. Guangzhou Design Week will cover the flight and hotel for these ④ contenders on this final selection.


  • Arrangement of the finals:

Theme of the finals: Design & Craft - Rethinking the craft of Design and the design of Craft

Seeking intellectual and creative clarity, The final theme in 2018 - DESIGN & CRAFT explores both the co-dependence of design and craft, as well as the distinct professional practices associated with each.

Participants bring and are required to cultivate mindfulness for tapping into a new way of viewing their ideologies and those of the world at large.

1. A 17-minute speech and an 8-minute reply upon the topicDesign Craft;

2. Unique insights for architecture and interior design, and the completion situation of the project shall be included in the speech;

3. English shall be used for the speech and reply in the finals.

The performance should convince the jury by demonstrating excellence in the following aspects:

ü Leading design that meets the theme of the finals

ü Unique, creative ideas and excellent design expression

ü Characteristic of localization design

ü Experimental design exploration in concept level or practical level

ü Social value and meaning, ethicality

There is no priority in the above list for the Jury. The jury shall adjust the sequence according to their personal willingness, and judge all the design works within set time.

Schedule of the FinalsTentative

Time: 19:00-21:30, November 27th, 2018

Language: English, with simultaneous interpretation

19:00-19:15   Opening speech by WYDF Organizer

19:15-19:40   17-min speech and 8-min reply by competitor A

19:40-20:05   17-min speech and 8-min reply by competitor B

20:05-20:30   17-min speech and 8-min reply by competitor C

20:30-20:55   17-min speech and 8-min reply by competitor D

20:55-21:10   The Jury announces the winner and grants the 2018 WYDA

21:10-21:25   Executive Director of GZDW announces the nominee of 2018 WYDF of Great China and grants an award

21:30         End of the event


  • The Jury:

The Jury consists of global experts of architectures and interior designers. They will cast their votes to select the winner of WYD2018 at the WYDF finals.

  • Meeting Audience:

Proprietor: Owners of private residence and boutique hotel, investors, real estate developers, hotel and catering management companies, government departments and institutions and contractors;

Designer: Interior designers, architects, engineers;

Distributor: Distributors, agents and buyers;

Media: Television, radio, newspaper, magazine, website and other media.

  • Excellent shots in WYDF 2017:

  • Supporting Media:

  • Effectiveness and Interpretation

The organizer reserves the right of interpretation and amendment of the rules. The rules shall be effective since July 1st, 2018.

  • Registration & Consultation

Consultation: Ms. Lucy Rong,

Email: pm@citiexpo.com  T: 020 89089786   M: 15875934312


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